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Black is Back

On the 24th August 2016 I was invited to attend the Black-is-Black Event in Soweto. The theme was "Entrepreneurs Soldier On" and we had Ntate Sydney Hadebe as the Guest Speaker for the night.

What was interesting to me was the idea of meeting like-minded entrepreneurs and the possibility of creating connections. What also attracted me was the talk that will be given by Ntate Sydney Hadebe who has been one of my mentors at IBM South Africa. In all of our sessions with Ntate Hadebe, there has always been something to take home. This event was no different.

Just to share, the following rang true for me and I believe that all other entrepreneurs will benefit from my "take-home" as well.

Soldiers go into war with expectation. Without expectation results cannot be measured. The message for that day was that if you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it. If you can't track any progress or failure in your business, chances are you are fighting a losing battle.

Tracking your progress is as straight forward as:

1. Planning
2. Learning intentionally
3. Forecasting
4. Positioning your personal and business brand

Much as I would like to go deep into this, we shall leave it for another day.

Remember though, the measure of success is always in the bottom line.


Mine and I

I can never have enough of my kids. I love them more than I ever imagined possible.

Handsome with mommy!



Working on such a worth-while project...so close to my heart. Investors, I hope you're ready for me coz I'm coming for ya! Meet Senzi and Sabelo.


When you're in doubt, EAT!

Beautiful experience...
I am not a soccer fan, but watching it, at the stadium, in one of the suites is a "must-experience". Everything right there...food, beverages and no one to tell you they need to pass through to their seats. #suite49 FNB Stadium


Youth Commerce Round Table Series

Had a refreshing convo with young entrepreneurs... We are young like that!